Beghelli UV-C Technology 

Beghelli UV-C Technology HKD2680.00

Continuous and safe disinfection
Air disinfectant devices with patented UV-OXY technology

Effective on up to 99.9% of all present bacteria and virus

The fan is heading the air into the SanificaAria device and after contact with the ultraviolet light comes out disinfected. This regulated emission UV-C disinfection system reduces up to 99,9% of viruses and bacteria and has no contraindication because it prevents damaging direct contact with the ultraviolet rays and also prevents the ozone from being created in the process.

持續安全的消毒 具有專利UV-OXY技術的空氣消毒機



uvOxy Technology

For the removal of polluting substances from the air, Beghelli uses technology, which doesn't interfere in the human daily regime and which replicates and amplifies the natural cleansing effect of the sunshine. From the observation of nature, uvOxy® was born, a continuous ecological disinfection process, which is built on a closed system saturated with UV-C rays, through which the contaminated air circulates and is being disinfected there. Microorganisms contained in the air are deactivated during contact with the UV-C rays, which at specific ray length activates the maximum germicide capacity.


Laboratory tests

The efficiency of the uvOxy® system was tested by scientific advisory company Gelt International and accredited laboratory UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018, which performed tests of germicidal efficiency. The result is that UV-C source SanificaAria Beghelli is able to irradiate the amount of air treated by the energy sufficient to dissolve up to 99,9% of the viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms (tests undertaken according to the ISO15714 norm).


The Range

The SanificaAria device is available in different models based on their ability to disinfect big amount of air. The device is suitable for treating of the rooms up to 50m2 (SanificaAria30).


SanificaAria 30

Device for safe disinfection of the air with UV-C rays even in the presence of humans.

Germicidal sterilization air cleaner with a UV lamp.




uvOxy®系統的效率已由科學諮詢公司Gelt International和獲得認可的UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018實驗室進行了測試,該實驗室進行了殺菌效率測試。結果是UV-C源SanificaAria Beghelli能夠輻照經過處理的空氣量,該能量足以溶解多達99.9%的病毒,細菌和其他微生物(根據ISO15714規范進行的測試)。



SanificaAria 30

即使有人在場也可以用UV-C射線對空氣進行安全消毒的設備。 帶有紫外線燈的殺菌殺菌空氣濾清器。


Wall, ceiling, stand, or for example just on the table or on the floor.






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