Benkan 不銹鋼水喉配件

Benkan 不銹鋼水喉配件產品介紹

The stainless steel press fittings Molco Joint produced by BENKAN are made of stainless steel, which has high strength and light weight. Stainless steel is also recognized as an environmentally friendly material with high strength, corrosion resistance and recyclability. In addition, Molco Joint has the following advantages. Installation does not require the use of fire to ensure the safety of the site, and the use of welding electrodes to ensure the health of customers. The clamping tool is easy to operate and greatly saves installation time. After rigorous strength and durability tests, it can be applied to many earthquake countries such as Japan.

  •  BENKAN has 40 years of experience in the production of stainless steel piping systems.

  •  Stainless steel piping system has a life equivalent to that of a building

  •  In Japan, the recycling rate of stainless steel piping systems can be as high as 80%.


BENKAN 生產的不銹鋼卡壓式水管件Molco Joint使用不銹鋼材料製造,擁有高強度和輕量化特點,而不銹鋼也被認定為是環境共生的材料,有著高強度的抗腐蝕和可循環利用等特性。除此 之外,Molco Joint 還有以下優點。 安裝無需使用火保證了現場的安全性,無需使用焊條保證了客戶的健康。 卡壓工具於易操作,大大節省安裝時間。 經過嚴格的強度和耐久性試驗,可適用於多地震國家如日本。

  • BENKAN 已有40年的不銹鋼配管系統生產經驗.  

  • 不銹鋼 配管系統有著與建築物等同的使用壽命.  

  • 在日本,  不銹鋼配管系統的使用回收率 可高達 80 %. 


Molco Joint fittings are made of 304 stainless steel and are suitable for stainless steel piping of BS EN 10312-1. Insert the pipe to the proper depth of the fitting and use the BENKAN designated compression tool to fully compress, and you will get uniform and efficient anti-stretch and high waterproof performance.


Molco Joint 經過 AS3688 測試。 密封圈通過英國 WRAS 認證 (BS 6920) ,可安全使用在飲用水部分。

Molco Joint is AS3688 tested. The seal is British WRAS certified (BS 6920) and can be safely used in drinking water.


Molco Joint 水管配件由 304 不銹鋼製成,適用於 BS EN 10312-1 的不銹鋼水管。 將管子插入到管件的適當深度,使用 BENKAN 指定卡壓工具進行充分的卡壓,就會得到均勻和高效的抗拉伸和高防水的性能。


Molco Joint 經過 AS3688 測試。 密封圈通過英國 WRAS 認證 (BS 6920) ,可安全使用在飲用水部分。

Molco Joints 的製作

The stainless steel pipe is formed into a desired shape by cold forming. Tee uses the bulging method. Part of it is connected by TIG welding. The inert gas prevents the welded parts from oxidizing and forms a very smooth surface.


All performance standards of Molco Joint meet the standards required by the Japan Stainless Steel Association (SAS322), as well as other water quality standards authorities in Japan and abroad.

Molco Joints 的製作

將不銹鋼水管配件用冷卻成型 的方法做成想要的形狀。 三叉(Tee)則是採用脹形 法。其一部分用 TIG 焊接 法鎢極惰性氣體保護電弧 焊)進行連接。因惰性氣 體會防止焊接部分氧化並 形成非常光滑的表面。


Molco Joint 的所有性能標 準都符合日本不銹鋼協會 (SAS322)中所要求的嚴格標 準,同樣也符合日本國內外 其它的水質標準權威機構。





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