Kyodo Bus Duct

KYODO BUS DUCT 緊密式母線(電力匯流排)

The bus duct system has a lot of outstanding features as compared with conventional cable wiring. For example, the system can feed heavy current utilizing a small space because of its compactness; it permits to branch loads easily through plug-in hole; its excellent in resistance to fire and has good appearance, etc.

Kyodo Bus ducts are highly reliable bus ducts produced in through process under strict quality control, at a factory specializing in the production of bus ducts. Further, Kyodo Bus Ducts having passed strict standards have been used in inboard wiring and are presently in operation on the sea all over the world. This is a material which allows to recognize the quality of Kyodo bus ducts. Bus ducts requiring long life should be backed up by a long record of past achievements - as Kyodo bus ducts has over 40 years record.

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