Technoflex Corrugated Pipe

Technoflex Stainless Steel Corrugated Pipe

Technoflex Technology

Metal flexible hoses and bellows are not modern technology products like the latest electronic products. They are "handicrafts" accumulated through years of experience. Good piping design will not withstand deformation even if repeated internal pressure or temperature changes are applied. Because the deformation of the pipeline can cause fatal damage to the pipeline. Technoflex flexible hoses and bellows are pipe joints that can withstand pressure. The bellows constituting the flexible hose and the expansion joint are designed to be deformable, so although the structure must be easily deformed, and even if the deformation is repeated, it can reach the originally designed service life. Although the bellows is a sturdy metal product, it can also move telescopically. Therefore, in addition to strength and flexibility, bellows also need high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The competitive advantage of Technoflex products is supported by processing technology, which provides marginal accuracy and excellent welding technology to seal the fluid against leakage. Especially in the field of large diameter products and long pipeline products, other companies cannot follow suit. Technoflex has contributed to the development of social infrastructure and industry by developing various sizes and types of pipe fittings and vacuum equipment according to various applications and installation conditions.

Stainless Steel Corrugated Pipe


Use and Features

site settlement, earthquake displacement, vibration absorption.

The branch of the water distribution saddle.


1. The corrugation is made of the stainless steel tube to make the product flexible. The pipeline is made of SUS316 stainless steel material that complies with the Japan Waterways Association specification JWWAG115.

2. With high anti-rust performance, the strength of the corrugation is higher than that of stainless steel pipe.

3. The corrugation position can flex 90 degrees.

4. Even in the event of an earthquake or uneven settlement, the use of bellows between the distribution pipe and the main pipe can prevent damage to the equipment, pipe fixing parts, and joints.

不銹鋼波紋管 消防系統適用


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