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Flood Prevention Gate
Zero Leakage Design proven by Super Typhoons in 2017 and 2018
In-House Brand for LED Lighting Architectural
Robust and Total Solutions Provider
Stainless steel press fittings ENTER THE NEW-ERA OF LEAD-FREE
Clean Potable Water Plumbing System.
Benkan Stainless Steel Fitting
Enter the New-Era of Lead-Free. Clean Potable Water Plumbing System.

Molco Joint fittings are made of 304 stainless steel and are suitable for stainless steel piping of BS EN 10312-1. Insert the pipe to the proper depth of the fitting and use the BENKAN designated compression tool to fully compress, and you will get uniform and efficient anti-stretch and high waterproof performance. ​ ​


Our floodgate is of a removable hand held design, made to measure to ensure the highest degree of water tightness. The flood panel is rigid and yet light weight to allow manual handling without the use of tools. It can be set up easily prior to the arrival of a storm at a short time.​

TE Lighting  

We provide a wide range of services of commercial lighting solutions to our customers including car park lighting design, - landscape lighting design, lighting energy efficiency, lighting power density, staircase lighting design, advertising light box. 

Kyodo Bus ducts

Kyodo Bus ducts are highly reliable bus ducts produced in through process under strict quality control, at a factory specializing in the production of bus ducts.

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