Venn Water Hammer Arrestor


An effective way to absorb pipeline fluctuations and
water hammer noise

● By adjusting the sealed air pressure to effectively absorb water hammer

● The body is made of stainless steel

● Spherical structure is solid, reliable and durable

● The water hammer absorption parts (shock absorber) can be replaced

When a district pressure reducing valve is used to supply water from a high-level water tank to a vertical pipe, vibration or noise may occur in the pipe due to the effect of the pressure reducing valve.


The reason

After the pressure of the pipeline in front of the pressure-reducing valve was lowered by the operation of the pressure-reducing valve, the pressure was restored again (water column separation), and due to the pressure fluctuation, the pipeline was impacted to form a water hammer.



The pressure of the pipeline can be reduced by quickly absorbing the impact of the water hammer by installing a water hammer in front of the pressure reducing valve. ※ In the case of absorbing the periodic fluctuation of water pressure, adjust the air pressure of the water hammer to 50% of the dynamic water pressure.

1. 氣囊通過封閉的空氣壓力和供水壓力 (動水壓力)之間的平衡狀態而擴脹 。

2.  突然關閉的電磁閥而產生的水擊壓力波流入水錘器內,氣囊收縮(封閉的空氣被壓縮)吸收水擊力。


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