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TABUCHI Electric drilling INAZUMA

Electric drilling Inazuma is an Electric drilling machine that attaches a saddle tap to a water pipe for water supply and performs uninterrupted water branching work. In addition to the sturdy body, lightweight compact and easy to handle.

1.Compact and lightweight

The aluminum body is sturdy and durable with compact and lightweight weight design is only 13.5 kg and equipped with an electric motor. Makes drilling easy.

2.Prevent over-drilling

Over-drilling protection. Drill will not penetrate the bottom of the tube even when the maximum stroke reached.

3.Safe progress distance通過防止主軸移動太快的設計,鑽頭可以平穩前進,以防止鑽頭卡在管道中間。​

4.Easy removal of drill bits無需工具即可將鑽頭和鑽頭鎖定到框架中。​

5.Prevent incorrect installation防止錯誤的安裝裝置。​

6.Progress Indicator側面的透明窗口顯示鑽孔進度。​

7.Leakproof specifications電機被密封以防止灰塵和洩漏。​

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