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Beghelli Sanifica Aria 30 UV-C Sanitize Air Purifier (Meeting specified specifications for dine-in restaurants)
Brand: Beghelli Model: SanificAria30
Continuous and safe disinfection Air disinfectant devices with patented UV-OXY technology ​Effective on up to 99.9% of all present bacteria and virus The fan is heading the air into the SanificaAria device and after contact with the ultraviolet light comes out disinfected. This regulated emis..
Brand: Benkan Model: 45E
No.直徑  (OD)az45E1515361545E2222421845E2828462245E3535552545E4242683545E54548547..
Brand: Benkan Model: 90CE
No.Size  (OD)az90CE1515412090CE2222502690CE2828543090E3535886290E42421138390E5454139104..
Brand: Benkan Model: 90SE
No.Size (OD)azL1L290SE1515482712010090SE2222583412710090CE2828664213510090SE353588621306890SE4242113831607790SE5454139104205100..
Brand: Benkan Model: C
No.Size  (OD)az C15153615C22225311C28286012C35356012C42427410C5454848..
Brand: Benkan Model: R
No.Size  (OD)azR221522 x 156015R281528 x 156621R282228 x 226416R352235 x 229243R352835 x 287930R422242 x 229542R422842 x 288435R423542 x 358731R542254 x 2211052R542854 x 2810951R543554 x 3510241R544254 x 4210035..
Brand: Benkan Model: P
No.Size (OD)azP15153110P22224218P28284420P35354923P42425323P54546025..
YOUQI Diagonal X7 UV-C Disinfection System  (Meeting specified specifications for dine-in restaurants)
Brand: YOUQI Model: Diagonal X7
Meets the specifications specified by the Hong Kong government for catering business. Use Philips high-efficiency UV-C ultraviolet germicidal tube to effectively kill pathogens. The hidden light design protects the user's eyes and skin, and is safe for the human body. The grille design allo..
Brand: Benkan Model: 90E
No.Size (OD)aa1zz190E221522 x 1548562732..
BENKAN AEF 90° Elbow Adaptor (female tapered thread)
Brand: Benkan Model: AEF
No.Size  (OD)abzAEF151215 x 1/2484227AEF223422 x 3/4585234AEF28128 x 1666242AEF3511435 x 11/4888562AEF4211242 x 11/211313083AEF54254 x 2139152104..
BENKAN AEM 90° Elbow Adaptor (male tapered thread)
Brand: Benkan Model: AEM
No.Size (OD)abzAEM151215 x 1/2484327AEM223422 x 3/4586234AEM28128 x 1667342AEM3511435 x 1 1/48811062AEM4211242 x 1 1/211314383AEM54254 x 2139159104..
Brand: Benkan Model: ASF
No.Size  (OD)azASF151215 x 1/23838ASF223422 x 3/45430ASF28128 x 15733ASF3511435 x 11/48054ASF4211242 x 11/27949ASF54254 x 29560..
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