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Beghelli SanificaAria Mini Sanitize Air Purifier

Beghelli SanificaAria Mini Sanitize Air Purifier

SanificaAria Mini is a miniaturized air sanitizer designed to create a localized protective barrierbetween two or more people. It is designed to act locally, sucks incontaminated air and emits sanitized air creating a localized protective barrier against viruses and bacteria. By placing a SanificaAria Mini among people, such as on restaurant tables, supermarket checkouts, open space offices, effective protection against the spread of Covid-19 is obtained. THE PRODUCT P

Continuous and safe disinfection Air disinfectant devices with patented UV-OXY technology ​

The fan is heading the air into the SanificaAria device and after contact with the ultraviolet light comes out disinfected. This regulated emission UV-C disinfection system reduces up to 99,6% of viruses and bacteria and has no contraindication because it prevents damaging direct contact with the ultraviolet rays and also prevents the ozone from being created in the process.

UVOxy Technology

For the removal of polluting substances from the air, Beghelli uses technology, which doesn't interfere in the human daily regime and which replicates and amplifies the natural cleansing effect of the sunshine. From the observation of nature, uvOxy® was born, a continuous ecological disinfection process, which is built on a closed system saturated with UV-C rays, through which the contaminated air circulates and is being disinfected there. Microorganisms contained in the air are deactivated during contact with the UV-C rays, which at a specific ray length activates the maximum germicide capacity.

  • Air sanitization device based on uvOxy® technology with UV-C ultraviolet light.
  • The sanitization module is equipped with fans for the intake of air inside the internal chamberthat contains the UV-C lamp, where the sanitization process is carried out.
  • The air coming out of the device is sanitizedover 99% (percentage of deactivation of virusesand bacteria)
  • The UVC light does not escape in any way from the sanitizing chamber, guaranteeing total usersafety
  • The product does not emit OZONE, a toxic gas that is dangerous for people.
  • The version with battery allows it to be used for about 4 hours where it is not possible to use a power outlet


  • External power supply with USB type-C connection
  • UV-C wavelength: 254nm
  • UV-C power: 7W 
  • UV-C radiant power: 2.4W
  • Maximum sanitation flow rate: 8 m3 / h 
  • Battery (only for code 26719): Li-ion 14.8V 2.6Ah


  • ISO15714 standard on strains of different bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. 
  • Safety requirements of the IEC60335-2-65 standard on air purifiers

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